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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations

Linen ring binder for e.g. sample cards


This linen ring binder is made for a complete range of sample cards. The linen around the cover gives the folder a luxurious look. The logo is put on the linen by means of a screen print. On the front we have used a deep embossing where FC digital printing has been put in. The print on the folder is fully protected and scratch-proof because the folder is finished with a matt coating. Very handy about this folder is that the print on the front is changeable because of the FC digital print.

This folder closes securely with the blind-folded magnetic catch. It is also equipped with a leather carrying loop.

Some of the sample cards in this ring binder have cut-outs where the products partly fall in. The core of these sample cards is made of foam. Around it is a cover printed with FC printing. The fabric swatch cards are also custom made. The fabrics folded in harmonica can be unfolded to get a better idea of the fabric. They close again neatly in the starting position thanks to small magnets. This way, the samples always stay neat!

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