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Introduction of new display hanging system



The request

Artiteq specializes in hanging systems for pictures and wall decoration and sells its products in around 60 countries. For the introduction of the new exclusive hanging system ” Imagine It ”, a search was made for a communication and presentation tool that would make the product tangible and that could be used by, among others, distributors and dealers. The Imagine It system aims at the business market: interior architects, project designers / office designers and the signing industry.

The execution

Artiteq had two creative sessions with the Venttri craftsmen in the Goirle showroom, where Artiteq indicated the functional and creative wishes. The large number of examples that are exhibited in the showroom served as an inspiration. Based on the first workshop, a model of the Imagine It demo box was developed in which samples of hanging rails, wires and hooks are presented. The second creative session served to finalize the concept.

The results are impressive; a stylish sample box that plays an important role in the introduction of the Imagine It system. The box (and brochure) was sent worldwide to business customers in around 60 countries. The worldwide distributors and dealers of Artiteq have been able to show the Imagine It system to their customers through the box. The box also played an important role during events that were organized to introduce the new line.

The customer’s experience

Mr. Dennis van Boxtel, managing director: “For the introduction of a high end product it is important to make an impression right from the start. This professional-looking box, which exudes quality and design, was the right way for us to make that first impression with our customers. It was received as a gift and we are confident that this will contribute to a succesful sales process. This is the third sample box that Artiteq had developed and made at Venttri. Venttri is a valuable sparring partner, we understand each other well. We appreciate the flexibility. At Venttri many things can be discussed, such as handling. One time we chose to fill the boxes ourselves, the other time it was nice that it was done by Venttri.‘‘

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