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Luxurious diploma folder.

HMC College


The request

How do we, as an MBO school, make the graduation ceremony a fantastic moment, despite the corona measures? The HMC Wood and Furniture College faced that challenge. A new, luxurious diploma folder helped create the right feeling for the graduates.

The HMC has been an independent MBO vocational school since 1929. Students are trained for professions in the fields of interior, furniture, technology and design. The college has locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The execution

Peter van der Arend, M&C employee:

“Because of Covid, there could be no normal, in our case, comprehensive, graduation ceremony. Normally it is a big party, with the aim of letting the students leave in a good way, with the right feeling.

For years we have used rather plain folders for the diplomas. We now wanted something extra, to indicate that it would also be a full and valuable diploma this year. A diploma with value. The diploma folder had to fit the HMC.

In the end, the 2 graduation ceremonies per class took place – we really made it a moment. We received very positive reactions to the final result of the diploma folder, from students, from parents, from colleagues.”

The customer’s experience

Peter van der Arend, M&C employee: “I am very positive. I have received good advice, such as about the finish. For example, the soft touch laminate was a good suggestion. We were able to really make something beautiful out of it. The goal was to let students leave with a good feeling, despite corona, and we succeeded. The diploma folder certainly helped. “”

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