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Condolence folder

Covers and folders

A condolence folder is an important part of a goodbye. It plays a role in the processing of grief of the bereaved. We can customize folders for your funeral business.

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Condolence folder

For a stylish goodbye

A condolence folder comes in various shapes: a binder with printing, a four-page or a six-page cover folder. Virtually any size is possible – of course the contents dictate the final size of the folder. An extra thread pocket or a welded business card pocket are of course also among the possibilities.

What exactly do you wish to store in the condolence folder? Do you want to store a loose-leaf system by means of a mechanism? It’s possible to store mourning cards in the folder by adding an extra plat. Thinking beforehand about the applications of the condolence folder creates a practical solution which actually works.

You yourself determine the size and finish of the condolence folders or condolence books. That way a condolence folder will be a really personal memento and a business card for your funeral business at the same time.

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In all shapes and materials

Condolence folders come in various materials, including:

  • PVC condolence folders (among others with a leather-look or velour-look)
  • Laminated condolence folders (among others with linen)
  • Natural board condolence folders
  • Two-page cover condolence folders
  • Three-page cover condolence folders
  • Four-page cover condolence folders

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Designed by yourself or by Venttri

Venttri develops and makes customized condolence folders. You can use our work plan to deliver the design yourself. Would you rather have us work on a great design? Just say the word.

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Starting at 10 pieces

Venttri doesn’t only customize (starting at 100 pieces), but we also provide you, the funeral director, with stylish linen condolence folders from stock. These start from 10 pieces, in 6 beautiful colours. The folders are delivered from stock and offer a choice of 2 types of register tabs. Why not take a look:

Custom-made folder

Ook voor uitvaartondernemingen

Whether you choose a luxury linen three-way folder or a beautiful binder with matching tabs: we customize everything according to your wishes.

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