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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations

POS material

POS and labels

With POS (Point of Sale) material, you ‘seduces’ customers to buy a product. Don’t underestimate the power of these promotional products: they are real turnover boosters in the shop!

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Eyecatcher in the shop

Increases turnover

Customized in your corporate house style

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POS material

Stand out and sell more with a POS display

Displays are great for getting noticed and ultimately winning over consumers. They make promotions more visible. POS material can be designed to achieve the desired effect in the shop. Think not only about the design but also place the promotion strategically in the right place in the shop. In a place where impulse buying is highest.

Consider these types of POS:
Leaflet display
Counter display
Ceiling hangers
Floor display
Wall displays
Table cards

Venttri has years of experience in designing and manufacturing presentation products. Would you also like us to fill a display and deliver it to its destination? If desired, we will arrange the process for you from A to Z. We are happy to think along with you.

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In all shapes and materials

Do you want a permanent display or is it more of a temporary nature? That can influence the choice of material. Some materials last a bit longer, but also have a higher price. The material not only has a functional value but also gives the customer a visual experience. Generally, large POS materials such as displays are made of corrugated cardboard, laminated with printed material. Welded PVC solutions are also no problem for Venttri. Or what about plexiglass or MDF? A lot is possible!

Corrugated cardboard
A promotional tool made of corrugated cardboard is the most conscious choice. It can be pasted with offset printing and cut into all kinds of shapes.

Plastic are very versatile and come in many varieties. Transparent, coloured, thick or thin. It can be welded to create an almost seamless joint. The thicker varieties are also very strong and have a high load-bearing capacity.

Wood (MDF)
A wall or shop display made of Wood (MDF) has a high load-bearing capacity. Wooden (MDF) displays give a natural product the extra eco look it needs in a presentation. Wood (MDF) can also be fully or partially covered with printwork.

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Designed by yourself or by Venttri

For POS material, several variants are possible. It is important to think carefully about the strategy and concept to create a stimulating Point of Sale. You can provide your own design, but we are also happy to take up the challenge. Venttri has years of experience in designing and producing presentation products. Feel free to call us for advice or a suitable proposal.

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Customised shop displays

In any size

Our extensive machinery allows us to print on many different materials and sizes. No size or design is too crazy for us. We can supply any promotional product you want. Let us know what your requirements are!


Wide choice

At Venttri, you have a wide choice of different finishes. Together, discover which finish best suits your promotional product.

Plexiglas shop display

Draw attention

We can even provide you with a plexiglass shop display. With a wall display, your products attract attention on the shop floor. Together with you, we develop POS material that stands out well in the shop while not taking up too much space. Check out the example: here.

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