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Furniture fabrics

Sample production

We process furniture fabrics in bundles, books, waterfall displays, and cards, mostly for the project market. The samples are equipped with sturdy labels with a very strong adhesive layer.

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Sample processing

Furniture fabrics

Techniques for furniture fabric samples

In collaboration with our sister company, Maxxisample

Enhance your collection presentation with our advanced processing techniques. We offer all the essential methods for the perfect processing of samples, making your collection visible, organized, and tangible. Discover some of our possibilities:

  • Flocking the Fabric: Flocking the fabric creates a soft and luxurious appearance that enhances the appeal of your samples.
  • Adding Windows to Samples: We can create windows on the back of the fabric samples.
  • Fabric Edging: Edging fabrics provides them with a refined edge finish, giving your samples a professional appearance while preventing fraying.
  • Cutting or Die-Cutting: Using precise cutting and die-cutting methods, we can customize your samples, ensuring they perfectly fit your presentation needs.
  • Labeling: We can provide your samples with custom labels containing important information such as fabric type, color, and composition for effortless identification.
  • Bundling in a Waterfall: By bundling your samples in a waterfall shape, we create a visually appealing presentation that makes your collection stand out.
  • Attaching to Sample Cards and Sample Books: Attaching your samples to sample cards and integrating them into sample books for easy viewing and sharing.

With these extensive processing techniques, your collection gets the attention it deserves. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your samples into impressive business cards for your brand.


Maxxisample and Venttri together form a powerful and unique combination, allowing us to provide you with the complete process for all your needs. Whether it’s sample books, project market cards, collection books, or cases, we are here for you. From concept to end product, you can rely on our comprehensive services, all under one roof. Welcome to one-stop shopping!

By choosing Maxxisample and Venttri, you don’t need to approach separate suppliers. All your wishes and requirements can be fulfilled through a single point of contact. Our collaboration enables you to communicate and coordinate efficiently, resulting in a seamless experience from start to finish. Our headquarters are located in Goirle, Netherlands, where Venttri serves as your primary point of contact. They will answer all your questions and guide your projects. Additionally, they can also arrange the transportation of your materials, ensuring everything arrives safely and on time.

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