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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations

Choose printed cardboard if you want a natural eco look.

Cardboard printing

doos van bedrukt karton

The basis of most Venttri presentation products is cardboard. This provides the necessary sturdiness. Are you going for a natural look? And do you also want to contribute something to the environment? Then natural cardboard could be the right material for your presentation product.

Printed cardboard in various colours

Good to know: cardboard is available from us in various colours. It can be digitally and screen-printed. Just keep in mind that this unprocessed material absorbs a bit more ink than normal paper and has no protection. At the same time, it does give a nice natural look and is a sustainable choice. Perhaps this fits in well with your company or organisation’s other corporate identity carrying products.


Depending on the desire and purpose of the product, we use different types of this base material.
For example:

  • Board paper primokraft in yellow-brown tint.
  • Greyboard
  • One-sided white with a grey core
  • One-sided black with a grey core
  • All black, when you choose unprocessed board paper,
  • Or All White.


Processing techniques

Techniques we use with this material are very diverse. We have extensive machinery where we can apply different techniques as required. We will be happy to advise you on this. Think of creasing, cutting, punching, folding, printing and gluing. But board paper covered with textiles or printed paper is also an option.
After the initial processing of the presentation products, they are finished. Sometimes residual material needs to be removed or parts need to be glued, rounded off or laser-engraved. Once the presentation products are ready, they are carefully packed and prepared for shipment. We provide not only printing but also fullfillment. And together with our sister company Maxxisample, we create your product samples so that we can then incorporate them into the presentation product.
In short, Venttri makes presentation products from idea to finished product.


Presentation products should be enjoyed for a long time to come, just like the environment. That is why we use FSC®-certified cardboard and paper. These raw materials originate from responsibly managed forests.

Presentation products in natural cardboard

We make various presentation products in natural cardboard. Most products done in this material attract just a little bit more attention than a “normal” printed product would. It gives a very nice eco look and you also do your bit for the environment. Your company will not go unnoticed with this! Click on the product groups below to view the options.

Do you have questions about a product?

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