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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations

The specialty of Venttri

Sample processing

Sample processing

With craftsmanship, creativity, and intelligent technology, Venttri, in collaboration with sister company Maxxisample, creates custom-made samples. Maxxisample possesses all the crucial techniques required for sample processing.
And all of this through a single point of contact: one-stop shopping.

Product categories for sample processing

Choose a group

Window decoration sample processing

Window Decoration

Horizontal and Vertical Window Decoration
stalenverwerking gordijnen


Serrating, edging, and adding windows

Outdoor sun protection

Interactive presentation experience
Flooring Samples


Make your collection visible, organized, and tangible.

Furniture fabrics

Beautifully displayed in a waterfall

Industrial Samples

Building blocks of progress and innovation
Wallpaper Samples


Printing or processing into a shape
Fulfillment: Packing Products in Boxes


Completely hassle-free: collect, fill, and ship


Specialist in sample processing

For the complete processing of samples, you’ve come to the right place at Venttri’s sister company, Maxxisample. Maxxisample has the experience and machinery to take care of the entire contents of sample books, sample cases, or sample hangers for you. The building covers an impressive 2400 square meters and houses various production halls and a logistics department. Upon arrival, customer materials (including various types of fabrics, wood, aluminum) are registered via a barcode scanner. These materials are then safely stored in the customer warehouse before being processed into items such as sample cards and sample hangers, and more.

Processing techniques

Gluing – cutting – manual finishing

Each type of product has its own specific characteristics that need to be understood for the correct processing of samples. We have mastered and possess specific techniques and are innovative in our solutions: removable pleated fabric samples, processing of woven wood materials, or converting wall coverings into large samples, for example.

From fabrics to wood and carpets

Processed by Maxxisample

Curtain fabrics, carpets, window decorations, wallpaper: these products simply need to be touched and seen in real life. Your presentation project is in the capable hands of Venttri and its sister company Maxxisample. With over 35 years of experience, we can truly claim expertise in sample production.

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