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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations

Makers of custom
presentation products

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Maatwerk presentatieproducten en stalenverwerking

Venttri’s luxury presentation products (formerly Maxxibinder/Maxximap) give your company or organisation the best first impression. We combine craftsmanship, technology and creativity into beautiful and sustainable presentation products.

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Custom ring binders


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Boxes and cases

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stalen presentaties

Sample presentations

Your samples at a glance

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Sheet protectors pockets

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Where creativity and intelligent technology merge
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What do our customers say

Best reviewed

Dennis van Boxtel, managing director at Artiteq:
‘For the introduction of a high-end product, it is important to make an impression right from the start. This professional-looking box, which radiates quality and design, was the right way for us to make that first impression with our customers. It was received as a gift, and we trust that this will contribute to the sales process for this new product. This is the third sample box that Artiteq has developed and made at Venttri. Venttri thinks along with us well, and we understand each other. What we appreciate is the flexibility. At Venttri, many things are negotiable, such as handling, for example. Sometimes we have chosen to fill the boxes ourselves, while other times it was nice to have Venttri do it.’

European Product Manager Large Format Graphics EMEA, Canon Europe:
“During the creation of the presentation folder, Venttri has been very helpful by providing advice, suggesting ideas and thinking along. This resulted in a perfect outcome. The presentation folder not only proved its value during the product launch, but still does so today during the conversations our salespeople have with our customers.”

Marketing Manager, Satelliet:
“Due to previous positive experiences with Venttri, we have once again used your expertise. Venttri is the party that knows the technical feasibility of a product and also adds creativity. We really experience this technical creativity as your added value. The goal was to create a new tool with the right appearance. A box with a modern layout that really impresses the customer. And we succeeded. The ‘Fabrics & Finishes Box’ has the wow effect. The box brings together the quality striving of Satelliet and Venttri.”

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