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condolence folder with gold foil
condolence folder with gold foil
condolence folder with gold foil
Condoleance folder with business card holder
condolence folder with gold foil

Condolence folder with gold foil

This condolence folder has been carefully crafted with attention to detail.

Gold foil printing: To add a sense of luxury and elegance, we have adorned the folder with gold foil printing.

Raw blue eco paper: With a conscious choice for raw blue eco paper, we offer a balance between aesthetics and sustainability.

Spacious pocket for loose sheets: The condolence folder is equipped with a spacious pocket, allowing you to add loose sheets, photos, or other personal memories.

3-panel folder with 2-ring mechanism: The folder is designed in a convenient 3-panel format with a 2-ring mechanism, allowing you to keep documents organized and tidy.

Business card holder: As an extra touch, a business card holder has been added, allowing contact details to be shared.

In addition to custom condolence folders, we also have a website for standard solutions. Via, you can order a condolence folder in various materials and sizes, bi-folds and tri-folds.

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