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Custom folding box
Custom folding box
Custom-made Toolbox with contents
Custom-made Toolbox with foam interior
Custom-made Toolbox with screen printing
Custom-made Toolbox
Custom-made Toolbox with insert

Custom folding box

This custom-made Toolbox is more than just a storage solution; it’s an inspiring collection of essential materials every architect needs, packaged in a fun and functional box. Ideal for architects who value both style and organization in their workflow.

The box is made from sturdy 3mm cardboard and covered with coarse linen. Thanks to the natural texture of the linen combined with stylish black printing, this Toolbox offers a unique appearance.

The cover of the toolbox closes tightly with invisibly integrated magnets, ensuring a sleek finish and keeping the contents secure. Upon opening the toolbox, you will find various materials and tools tailored to meet the creative needs of an architect. These tools are recessed at an equal depth in a customizable black foam interior, ensuring a clear and organized presentation. Thumb grips are cleverly integrated into the foam, allowing for easy removal of the materials.

On the inside of the lid, we have added a spacious insert pocket made of all-black cardboard. Here you can store important documents and sketches, securely held in place by a taut black elastic band. This ensures that your papers stay neat and accessible, while maintaining the aesthetic of the box.

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