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Eco Fabric Swatch
Eco Fabric Swatch with parasol template

Eco Fabric Swatch

This unique fabric swatch is designed with a focus on the environment and practical usage. Both the front and back of the swatch are crafted from natural cardboard, a sustainable material that is environmentally friendly. The natural cardboard is printed with a logo and the collection’s name. What truly sets the Eco Fabric Swatch apart is the creative addition of a parasol template. This template allows you to place any fabric underneath, providing a realistic depiction of how the chosen fabric would look in a parasol. This feature not only allows you to experience the fabric on its own but also enables you to envision how it would appear in a tangible end product.
Choose Venttri and discover how our innovative presentation solutions can assist you in showcasing your products in a unique and environmentally friendly manner. Contact us today for more information!

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