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Fabric presentation folder
Fabric presentation folder
Fabric presentation folder
Shipping box with custom inlay

Fabric presentation folder

This fabric presentation folder is meticulously designed to showcase and store fabrics in an organized and professional manner.

Fabric presentation
The folder features a sturdy cover with a scratch-resistant laminated full-color print and an inner flap to store fabrics securely. Fabrics are fastened with four screw posts, ensuring they stay firmly in place. The inner flap, made of 2.1 mm cardboard, includes four drill holes and corresponding screws for easy assembly.

Room for variety
Our folder can hold up to 50 A4-sized fabric samples, with each fabric having a thickness of 0.75 mm. This allows you to present an impressive variety of fabrics to your clients.

Sample processing
Venttri offers additional services such as custom fabric cutting, fabric sample labeling, drilling, and inserting samples into the folder. This ensures that your fabric collections are optimally presented.

This fabric presentation folder is indispensable for interior designers, upholsterers, and manufacturers who want to present their fabric collections in a professional and organized manner.

Contact us today for more information or to place your order. You can also check our sample processing page for more details.

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