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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations
Presentation box with sample cards
Presentation box with sample cards
Presentation box with sample cards
Shipping box with custom inlay

Presentation box with sample cards

At Venttri, we create luxurious custom products. We make cassettes like this in your corporate style, tailored to your specific product or request. Additionally, we can create custom samples that perfectly fit your presentation tool.

Presentation box with sample cards for sun protection
This presentation box is specially designed for professionals in the sun protection industry. The folders inside contain sample cards of sun protection, each with samples on three sides. Each folder provides detailed specifications of the sun protection, making it easy to present the features and benefits of different products.

Organized and efficient
To streamline the sales process, the folders are clearly categorized on the spine. This allows salespeople to quickly and efficiently respond to their customers’ needs by grabbing the right folder during a sales conversation.

Sample processing
Each sample card includes a range of processing techniques, such as waterfall-attached fabric samples, windows for transparent fabrics, material samples on rolls, and brochures glued to the middle leaf of the sample card.

We produce completely CO2-neutral, ensuring that you choose not only quality and luxury but also an environmentally friendly solution. Our production process, combined with high-quality materials, results in durable and reliable products that meet all your needs.

Venttri is a specialist in presentation tools and sample processing. Read more on our sample processing page.

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