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Series folders
Series of 4-panel folders

Series of 4-panel (sample) folders

This series of folders with floor samples represents a unique collection. At Venttri, we understand that presenting floor samples is not just about materials but also about aesthetics and thoughtful details. Each folder in this series is made of laminate with scratch-resistant properties. We have cut small tiles from the floor samples and precisely incorporated them into the folder with the correct color codes. This provides a practical reference when choosing colors. In addition to the floor samples, we provide atmospheric images of the floors to give a complete picture of the application of the materials. Technical details are also available so that customers can appreciate not only the aesthetics but also the functional aspects of the floor samples. At Venttri, we strive to create not just presentations of samples but an experience that highlights the versatility and possibilities of each material. Our folders for floor samples embody this philosophy and offer an inviting and informative presentation.

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