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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations

Goirle (NL) – Starting 26 March, Maxximap/Maxxibinder continues to operate under the name ‘’Venttri’’. The new name reflects the developments the company has undergone in the past decades: from folder producer to specialist in the field of custom-made presentation products. The name Venttri also better reflects the growing international activities.

Presentation product as mini-showcase

The name Maxximap, which carries the product name ‘’map’’ (binder), no longer fits the wide range the company offers. Bas van Lierop, general director: ‘’We make a lot of custom-made binders and folders each year, and we will certainly keep doing that in the future. But we have become more and more specialised in developing and producing complex presentation products in the past years. And that is why the name Venttri is a much better fit. It is a unique name which can be associated with, among others, ‘vetrine’ – the Italian word for showcase. Because we see each presentation product as a mini-showcase which highlights a company or organisation in a unique way.’’

The new name enables Venttri to communicate its story better internationally. In English, the word “map” means “ground plan”, which caused somewhat of a confusion about the company activities.

Part of manufacturing

Clients and consumers have to deal with a large amount of brands, products and messages in online and offline communication each day. The trick for companies and organisations is to stand out. It is therefore Venttri’s mission, as an exponent of Dutch manufacturing, to produce tangible custom-made presentation products which can draw attention. Throughout the years the team of employees has built an extensive expertise in this field. Continuous investments in modern machinery ensure that Venttri can keep reacting to the variety of individual client needs.

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