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condolence folder ECO
condolence folder
Eco paper

Bifold condolence folder ECO


Venttri offers a variety of presentation products in an Eco-friendly version, including this bifold condolence folder. These folders can be ordered through our online store:

Sustainable condolence folder

What sets this condolence folder apart is the environmentally friendly materials used. The core of the folder is grayboard, which carries the label “Produced with sustainable materials.” Paper with the “produced with sustainable materials” label ensures responsible forest management worldwide.

The cover material used for this folder has a unique origin. It is made from agricultural waste (leaves and stems) using 100% green energy. By choosing this material, you are giving agricultural residual materials a second life. This contributes to increasing the social awareness of your employees (and associates), achieving sustainability goals, and fostering a positive corporate image.


The base of this folder is made of 2.1mm grayboard/cardboard, providing sturdiness to the folder. The folder features a D-shaped 2-ring mechanism with a capacity of 10mm. Closed dimensions: 21cm wide – 26.5cm high.

Index Sheets

For index sheets, you can also visit You have a choice of 2 variants. These index sheets are specially tailored for the offered bifold and trifold condolence folders.

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