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Ring binder / elasto folder



Ring binder / elasto folder

This ring binder, which is closed with an elastic band, has a beautiful design. The ring binder is used as a care diary. The core of the folder is cardboard, covered with printed matter. The printed matter has been given a matte laminating layer, which improves durability. What is special is that the outside of this ring binder / elasto folder has a pocket in A6 format. A photo can be placed in this box. The inside is provided with a welded triangle with a business card window on top. The folder closes with the help of a green elastic that perfectly matches the beautiful design of the binder.


You can easily store documents in an elasto folder. The folder closes securely by means of the elastic, and ensures that the binder remains closed. Companies and organizations use these types of folders for papers that are regularly taken in and out. We supply the elastic in various colors and types. Elastic folders or elastic folders can easily be provided with your own design or corporate identity. There are also many options in terms of design, such as the format (A4, A3, etc.) and the filling capacity of the elasto folder.

In all shapes and materials

Various materials are possible for an elasto folder. Each material has its own character and advantages. The best choice of materials for your folder varies by situation. It doesn’t matter how long or intensively you use a Venttri elastic file: the folder always remains neatly closed. That’s so handy! You keep your important documents together. Regarding the design: it is equally important that the image fits perfectly with your organization.

Advice by Venttri

Of course Venttri is happy to advise you on all this. Because we develop and make custom folders. We make a working drawing for you, on the basis of which you can supply the design yourself. Or would you prefer Venttri to get started with a beautiful design? That is an option as well! With our many years of experience, we are happy to take on any documentation challenge. Together we ensure that you can put something beautiful on the table.

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