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MDF box voor stalenmappen

Robust MDF box with leather carrying loop for a complete collection of sample folders

This box and its contents are made to match the style of the products. From left to right, you can see a nice ascending colour palette. 8 Colour groups, thus 8 covers and one ring binder stored in a solid box. The box and all folders are finished with full colour printing, scratch-resistant matt lamination and a leather tab or leather carrying loop. In the covers, the different samples can be admired per colour group. We have blindly processed and fixed the samples to the cover in different ways. For example, the fabrics are fixed to the cover with a cove of the same material. The blindly processing of the samples gives a smooth, stylish look. All attention is thus focused on the samples. The leather carrying loop at the top of the box is secured with 2 staples on each side.

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