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Presentatie omslagmappen met polypropyleen etuis voor stalen

2 presentation folders for fabric samples for blinds and curtains

The first cover folder contains Leha’s fabric samples that are incorporated into the cover. And the documentation bundled in the ring mechanism. After opening the folder, you will see that the samples are beautifully stored in an insert space recessed into the cover. Behind the samples, on the recessed part, is the description of the sample in the printing.
The second folder is done in the same style but with different contents. This is because this cover folder has 2 ring mechanisms. By using 2 mechanisms, this folder has a filling height of 80mm on both the left and right sides.
Together, these folders provide a complete presentation of fabric samples for blinds and curtains. Manageable with a leather handle. The fabric samples are incorporated into the binder in a variety of ways. Harmonica folded and secured with magnets, tiered under one another or inserted into the documentation sheet.

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