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Carpet sample hanger
Carpet sample hanger
Carpet sample hanger

Large carpet sample hanger

What truly sets apart this carpet sample hanger is the careful cutting of the samples into different shapes. This unique feature ensures an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

After cutting the carpets and developing the sample hanger, we always conduct thorough quality checks to ensure that each carpet sample meets our rigorous standards and is ready for presentation.

Another standout feature is that both the front and back of the hanger are identical, allowing the samples to be admired from both sides. Customers can easily walk around the hanger and view both the front and back. With identical fronts and backs, the hanger can be used in various ways. Such as a freestanding display in a showroom, on a shelf/rack, or wall-mounted for space-saving presentation.

At Venttri, we strive to deliver high-quality presentation materials that meet our customers’ demands. This carpet sample hanger is no exception. We understand that the weight of the carpets is a crucial factor, which is why we have opted for sturdy cardboard as the base material. This not only provides the necessary stability but also makes the hanger light enough to handle easily.

Additionally, we have manufactured the sample cap from durable material and securely attached it with binding screws. This not only ensures a long lifespan for the hanger but also ensures that the carpets remain safe and secure in place.

Interested in learning more about our expertise in floor sample processing? Be sure to check out our page on floor sample processing.

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