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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations
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Venttri offers various presentation products in Eco version, including binders.

Sustainable Eco binder

The special thing about this Eco binder is the material used. The core of the binder is gray board, which carries the “VenttriGreen®” mark. The “VenttriGreen®”  label ensures responsible management of forests worldwide.

The cover material / paper that we used with this binder has a special origin. It is made from agricultural waste (leaves and stems), with 100% green energy. By choosing this material, you choose to give agricultural residual material a second life. In this way you contribute to increasing the social awareness of your employees (and relations), to achieving sustainability goals and a positive company image.


The basis of this Eco ring binder is formed by gray board / cardboard of 2.1 mm, which gives the folder strength. The folder has a 4-ring mechanism in D-shape.


Luxury binders give your presentation that little bit extra cachet by using an exclusive material or a special treatment. A custom-made binder provides protection and offers the possibility to store documents in an orderly manner. Due to the wide variety in materials, types of mechanics and dimensions, we make a unique presentation product for you.


In addition to Eco binders, Venttri offers you a wide range of materials:

  • Laminated paper binder. The printed matter is refined with a laminate, a thin plastic finishing layer which gives the printed matter extra protection. Frequently used laminate types are gloss, mat, linen and pearl. Inquire what best suits your product and printing.
  • Modern plastic, polypropylene (PP). A polypropylene (PP) binder has a strong and modern appearance. So it is ideal for companies and organizations where binders are used intensively. Moreover, PP is an environmentally conscious choice, because this plastic is recyclable.
  • Luxury linen. A material with a natural look, which is available in many colors and variants. This linen is beautiful to print with screen printing or foil printing and has a very exclusive look.
  • PVC foils. In addition to the standard PVC colors, it is also possible to provide folders with luxury foils, such as metalic, 3D effects, flock foil or another exclusive variant.
  • Aluminium. A durable material with an exclusive look. This material consists of a core of polypropylene, covered on 2 sides with aluminum plate. Very good for screen printing and processing into a real eye catcher!

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