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Koffer voor stalenwaaiers
Koffer inhoud collectie valt in schuiminterieur
Stalenwaaiers op maat
Aluminium Logo Embleem

Complete collection samplebook with ring mechanic and swatches

It all fits in one case! 6 different swatches, a ring mechanism with information pages and a rope ladder as a part of the product. The 6 swatches all contain different sizes of wooden blinds. Despite the different sizes of these swatches, they all fit exactly the same in the case. The interior of the case is made at different heights so that the swatches are all presented at the same height. The covers of the swatches and the exterior of the case are made of metallium black paper. Each part has a silk screenprint. Small details on the case complete the design. A black handle fastened with black shiny rivets, the ring mechanism on the upper side of the sample book also fastened with black shiny rivets and, finally, an aluminium emblem on the end. All in all, a complete and luxurious presentation in 1 case.

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