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Metallic-Leinenschirm für Muster

Luxurious printed natural linen header with hanger for e.g. samples

This header is covered with a printed natural linen textile. It’s a wonderful way to present your fabrics. We customise the headers to fit your product. This header features a hook and a polypropylene full colour printed information sheet with black studs is incorporated into the back of the header. The studs are hidden on one side and allow you to easily change samples. These samples also have Velcro on the back for easy removal for presentation. This way you can easily put different samples next to another product.All our custom swatch books are produced in our own factory in Goirle and can be fully customised after your corporate style. The fabrics can be turned into a cascaded format by Maxxisample, our factory in the Czech Republic. In this way, we offer a complete concept for the samples industry!

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