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Custom made presentation products for companies and organizations

Set of swatches



Beautiful handy set of swatches. This is an extensive presentation of blinds, vertical curtains, ladder band cards and wooden blinds. The swatches differ in spine width, but all have the same height: 175 mm. The separate samples are secured with sleeve screws, so that the samples fall smoothly from the hood. Three of the six swatches are provided with an extra closure with a press stud, for a solid storage of the samples. This set of swatches shows in optimum forma what the collaboration between Venttri and Maxxisample leads to: beautiful and practical presentation products. How do we do that? Watch the video: one-stop creation of presentation products.

Sample production

Venttri has everything it takes to make sample covers, collection books or sample cases for you. Maxxisample in the Czech Republic, Venttri’s sister company takes care of the complete processing of the content. Maxxisample has all the important processing techniques necessary for the perfect processing of samples, be it fabrics, PVC or wood. The processing techniques include laser cutting, vertical cutting and automatic gluing.

Sample swatches: custom work & craftsmanship

Maxxisample operates from a large production location in Telc, Czech Republic. This historic city is located in an area where sample processing is in the DNA of the population. The processing of textiles has been done there for decades. The employees of Maxxisample have the right experience, knowledge and the machines to provide the full content of sample presentations. Whether it concerns sample books, sample cases, sample hangers or sample swatches. Because sample processing is a profession in itself.

Maxxisample has a large customer warehouse. The materials you supply are stored there in a secure manner (recorded in the system by means of a barcode scanner), to be ultimately processed into a stylish presentation product.

Our promise to you

In-store visibility of your brand, through sample swatches or other sample presentations, is a powerful tool to create consumer demand and drive sales. You want to inspire and seduce consumers. Let us think along with you so that you distinguish yourself from other providers. We help you make your brand and your collection stand out on the shop floor!

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