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Portable folder holder
Portable folder holder
Portable folder holder

Portable folder holder

A folder holder, also known as a slipcase, is portable and provides a practical solution for professionals on the go or those frequently changing locations. This slipcase allows you to organize and transport multiple folders securely, keeping your important documents always within reach.

Custom presentation solutions: flexibility and versatility
At Venttri, we create luxury custom products. We make cases like these in your house style, regardless of the size or shape of your documents. Additionally, we can also create custom samples that perfectly fit your presentation tool.

Practical and organized
This slipcase is made with 6 covers, 1 ring binder, and a box band, offering ample space for all your important materials. Thanks to the black foam in the folders where samples are recessed, they remain safely in place during transport. The sturdy MDF base and leather loop ensure the cassette can withstand the weight of the folders. The slanted front is designed for easy access to the documents.

At Venttri, we produce completely CO2-neutral, meaning you choose quality and luxury as well as an environmentally friendly solution. Our production process, combined with high-quality materials, results in durable and reliable products that meet all your needs.

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